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Respect, Consideration, Kindness

15 June 2018

Prayers this morning was led by Class 8P who showed great team work and creativity in their promotion of the 'Wally Code of Conduct', namely, respect, consideration and kindness towards others.

The students devised scenarios which they performed, filmed and edited for broadcast to the School.

Their message was communicated by 'scientists' who rudely barged Headmistress Miss Ferro off her seat on the stage, before discussing a problem 'WLY' robot whose rudeness - as shown in the films - was causing trouble.

The robot had been wrongly programmed with the ME 1ST instead of the K1ND programme.

We were then invited to imagine a school in which no one gossiped, and everyone could trust each other and feel safe all the time.  They communicated this with the help of this lovely film (which is in fact an advert for Thai Life Insurance!).

Their Prayers ended with the hymn Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.  Well done to everyone involved, including their form teacher, Mrs Amanda Phillips.