House Senior Winter Sports March 2017

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Quebec win Senior Winter Sports

16 March 2017

After the Year 7 - 9 Inter House Winter Sports Competition on Monday, students from Years 10 - 13 took their turn on the netball courts and astro yesterday. After another sunny and action-packed morning of friendly netball and lacrosse competition Quebec were overall winners of the senior tournament.

Many thanks to the House Captains for organising and motivating their teams and to everyone who participated, it was fantastic to see so many students involved.






6th                  Chartwell


5th                  Knole


4th                  Down          


3rd                  Quebec


2nd                 Penshurst


1st                  Montreal




6th                  Down


5th                  Chartwell


4th                  Montreal


3rd                  Penshurst


2nd                 Knole


1st                  Quebec




6th                  Down


5th                  Chartwell


4th                  Knole


3rd                  Penshurst


2nd                 Montreal


1st                  Quebec