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Professor Hunt wins 'Medical Oscar'


Many congratulations to Beverley Hunt, Walthamstow Hall old girl, and President of the Walthamstow Hall Old Girls' Association, who is a member of the research team that has just won the British Medical Journal's "Research Paper of the Year".

Beverley, who is Professor of Thrombosis & Haemostasis and King's College Consultant in the Departments of Haematology, Pathology and Lupus at Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, described the accolade as being "like winning a medical oscar!" She is pictured above holding the award.

The research team, CRASH-2, ran a landmark trial which demonstrated conclusively that tranexamic acid is an effective, cheap and safe treatment in trauma scenarios.  The study has identified an effective, cheap and safe treatment which if it is used could save 175,000 deaths a year worldwide. The team is now working to ensure that the results of the study are implemented and inform other areas of medical practice.


We will be quizzing Beverley on her new accolade when she comes back to school to talk to current Sixth Formers in July.