Prize-Giving 2017

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The Prize-Giving season was kicked off on Saturday by the ceremony for Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students at the Senior School.

The guest speaker was Wally Hall old girl Dr Josie Meade. With new Science labs under construction, as part of the new Sixth Form Centre, and the ever burgeoning popularity of Biology, Chemistry and Physics at all levels at Walthamstow Hall, Dr Meade, who is a Lecturer in Immunology at Leeds University, was a very apt choice of speaker.

For her speech Dr Meade conducted research among fellow Leeds University academics to compile a list of 'Top Tips' for getting the most out of higher education. Dr Meade's pearls of wisdom included everything from seizing all opportunities on offer and taking greater responsibility for learning through to students being mindful that most lectures today are filmed from the back of the lecture theatre from where student tablet and laptop screens are highly visible! Dr Meade also talked about the changing perceptions of science; of the vibrant, collaborative and international nature of the field and of the exciting career paths and opportunities which working in science offers women.

Dr Meade closed her speech by recognising the achievements of every student in the room;

...'congratulations to all the girls who leave with the valuable and hard fought for prizes of a great education, the development of your talents and of you as confident citizens, these life prizes you have all won by grasping the incredible opportunities offered while you've been here at Wally Hall. A prize that all Wally Hall girls depart with is a quiver full of arrows to deploy in your bright futures!'