Year 12 Devised play The Father Will See You Now

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Powerful Performances



On Monday evening Year 12 Theatre Studies students performed two incredibly powerful plays, Esther and The Father Will See You Now which they had written and directed.

The students devised the pieces based on the stimulus of the Lorca play The House of Bernarda Alba, about five daughters trapped and controlled by their mother, and the naturalistic acting techniques pioneered by Stanislavski, one of the most influential modern theatre practitioners.

Both plays confronted themes of being trapped, controlled and powerless in environments of institutionalised violence and hatred.

The Father Will See You Now, opened the evening. Set in the Magdalene Laundries for so-called ‘fallen women’ in Ireland at the turn of the twentieth century, the play explored the relationship between five women held in the institution and their plans of escape from the brutal abuse of a malevolent nun and the unseen ‘Father’ of the title.

Set in a concentration camp, Esther tackled the hideous reality of survival and the lengths to which the imprisoned will go to protect themselves. Ideas of escape in this play hinged on the desperate keeping of a secret. It explored the themes of the unstinting power of maternal love and how war creates monsters.

Every actor gave an incredibly powerful performance. The unspoken fear and terror endured by the ‘trapped’ characters and their silent desperation and sense of dread was palpable in both plays as was the nonchalant and chilling sadism of their captors.

The beautifully crafted scripts and incredibly performances from every actor were further enhanced by simple, ingenious staging and direction which plunged audiences directly into both the spartan laundry and filthy camp.