Euroscala, Strasbourg November 2015

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Politics students debate in Strasbourg



On 5th November 2015 18 Politics students took part in Euroscola a unique event for schools to learn about European integration by experiencing it first hand. Wally girls, representing the UK, joined over 500 students from 20 schools across Europe to become members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The day started with each school introducing itself in language other than their mother tongue; Katie and Zahra delivered a superb presentation in French receiving many complements during the day. Questions and debate followed on the development of Europe before students broke into working groups for discussion on European priorities; topics included migration, youth unemployment and the environment. A special mention here must go to Beth who was chosen to report back to the chamber on her groups discussion regarding freedom of information and active citizenship. Throughout the day all our girls had the opportunity to; raise questions, discuss their ideas, and  practise their language skills with fellow students from across Europe - a truly amazing experience.