Sixth Form Politicians at the Houses of Parliament, Nov 2014

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Politicians win a place at Strasbourg



Walthamstow Hall's Lower Sixth politics students learned this week that they had won a trip to Strasbourg where they will represent the UK on the benches of the European Parliament as part of a multi-lingual European Youth Parliament. The parliament will be attended by 16-18 year old students from all 27 European Union member states who will have the opportunity to debate, take sides, negotiate, amend, vote and adopt resolutions on real European issues.
We look forward to hearing about the students experiences when they return.

The prize comes after the students submitted the winning entry in a Euroscala competition held during the parliament week event which they went to in November. The competition required students, who attended a series of debates on democracy, to submit short essays giving their reflections on the subject, the competition organisers TEAMGlobal, praised the Walthamstow Hall entry saying, "We would like to congratulate your students on such thoughtful responses and hope that they will be able to take advantage of the excellent opportunity which Euroscala presents."