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Plastics Watch

29 June 2018

Remember we said we were phasing out single use plastic cups for staff and student lunches at the Senior School? Well, we now have.

The new cups are still plastic (cheaper than glass) but can be used again and again. 

The BBC Series Blue Planet II raised awareness about the amount of plastic polluting our seas - and Class 9D did a great Prayers on this issue earlier this term.

All this prompted Headmistress Stephanie Ferro to try not to use any single use plastics for 40 days. This has come to an end and she reports that she wasn't wholly successful!

Miss Ferro said supermarkets didn't make it easy to avoid single use plastics, but that she had become "much more conscious" of what she was doing.

The BBC's recently-launched Plastics Watch has a few tips if you fancy reducing your plastic footprint.