My Very Own Story June 2015

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'My Very Own Story'

25 June 2015


A large cast of Year 8 and 9 students, gave two masterful performances of the quick, quirky and complicated Alan Ayckbourn play, 'My Very Own Story', in performances on Tuesday and Wednesday evening this week.

Essentially a 'thinking child's fairy tale', the play interweaves three narratives and ‘plays within plays’ to warn against the consequences of vanity and greed.

The Lower School production was cleverly remodelled by Director, Mrs Phillips, to expand the cast and use witty pastiches of a range of literary and dramatic styles to add to the comedy. The Victorian chiller, suburban romance and medieval morality play were all seamlessly interwoven to hilarious effect.

The inventive staging and direction combined with slick and instinctive comic timing and astute characterisation from every actor, combined to produce a fast-paced, captivating comedy that drew near non-stop belly laughs from the audience. A special mention to the back stage crew of students whose speed and attention to detail enabled the play to maintain it's fast, quick witted pace.