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LVI talk politics with Michael Fallon, MP


After appearances on Newsnight and Radio 4's Today programme Michael Fallon, MP took more than an hour from his schedule on Friday to visit LVI Government and Politics students at Walthamstow Hall.

Mr Fallon wanted to meet the students after they sent a proposal for a new electoral system to David Cameron. The students and Mr Fallon had an in-depth discussion about the proposal for electoral changes, in which the concept was examined in detail, potential benefits and pitfalls were highlighted and areas for further investigation identified. Students also had the opportunity to quiz Mr Fallon about his role in Government, the coalition and the economy.

Speaking after the meeting Head of History and Politics, Miss Olivia Windle said, "We are very grateful to Mr Fallon for taking the time to come in and discuss political ideas with our students in this way. Being able to put their ideas to a member of the Government has made a powerful impact on the girls and further fuelled their passion for politics."