House Skipping Jan 2016

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Knole skip to victory

27 January 2016


Years 7, 8 & 9 created a dizzying spectacle in the Sports Hall on Tuesday, jumping their way to raising £191 for the British Heart Foundation in the inaugural House Skipping competition.

Every House had a rope and team of 'skippers' tasked with skipping in team rotation non-stop for 25 minutes. The House with the fewest breaks in their skipping won. Houses also won points for fancy 'exhibition' skipping!

At the end of a very energetic 25 minutes the results were:

In 3rd place - Chartwell, who stopped their rope 16 times

In 2nd place - Quebec, who stopped their rope only 9 times

In 1st place - Knole, who stopped their rope only 6 times in 25 minutes!

Down were winners of the 'fancy skipping'.