Great Maths Race June 2012

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Great Maths Race

26 June 2012

Great Maths Race day is always the date on the school calendar when the Maths Department makes more noise than all other school departments combined! This year was no exception as 14 local prep and primary schools pitted their mathematical wits against each other in the Main Hall, spurred on by enthusiastic supporters.

Each school fielded a Year 4 and a Year 5 team who, upon solving a mathematical question, had to send a team member sprinting round the Hall to have their answer checked and collect their next mathematical puzzle to solve.

Many congratulations to the teams from Amherst who won both the Year 4 and Year 5 competitions. Congratulations too to Sevenoaks County Primary and Sevenoaks Prep who came joint second in the Year 4 competition and to our own Walthamstow Hall Juniors who finished 2nd in the Year 5 competition and Sevenoaks County Primary and Anthony Roper who shared third place.

Thank you to the Maths Department, Lower Sixth mathematicians and Third Form for organising such a exciting event.