Royal Society of Chemistry Prize 2013

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Georgia wins Chemistry prize

12 December 2013

Many congratulations to Year 9 Georgia Rawlins whose photograph of the chemical luminol has won the Royal Society of Chemistry Photography Prize. Georgia's winning image will be published in the Royal Society's newsletter and distributed to over 49,000 members.
Georgia explains the background to her photograph (a section of which is shown here) below.

Somebody Nose What Chemistry Means To Me!


Luminol is a chemical that gives off blue light when oxidised. To make the luminol glow I mixed bleach and luminol, giving the lovely electric-blue colour in the reaction. The luminol in fact lit up my nose, hence the title of this picture. Luminol is also used in forensics, as the iron in the haemoglobin in red blood cells acts in the same way as bleach does. This shows whether any blood has been there, as the luminol glows when it reacts with blood. This picture shows what I love about Chemistry – that it’s such a surprisingly beautiful subject.


Georgia Rawlins