Sorrento October 2012

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Geographers return from Sorrento

2 November 2012

Forty one Geographers from years 9, 10 and 11 travelled to the Bay of Naples over Half Term.


Standing next to the gaping crater of Vesuvius, a dormant volcano, with the smell of sulphurous gases rising from the fumaroles students were filled with awe and wonder, as the Geography they had all studied in the classroom came alive. The views stretched from the snow clad Apennine Mountains (the backbone of Italy) to the Isle of Capri in the Bay of Naples. Far below lay the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, which were obliterated when the volcano erupted in 79AD, and the visits to these evoked a sense of empathy for the plaster cast victims, and amazement at the details of ancient Roman life frozen in time by the cataclysm. Artists within the group produced lightning sketches of houses, shops and streets.


The trip to the Isle of Capri from Sorrento created another memorable dramatic event, as the sea was violently “agitante” and distant views of land rapidly disappeared as the ferry descended and fell. A walk in a thunderstorm to a viewpoint of the stunning coastline, was counterbalanced by some retail therapy before the return journey, which thankfully was much calmer.


The girls thoroughly enjoyed the Italian experience, despite the mixture of weather, and prizes were distributed to those who had produced the best work booklet; the winners of the trip quiz night and last but not least “Florence Nightingale” who came to the aid of her peers during the choppy boat ride to the Isle of Capri.


Miss K Burtenshaw, Head of Geography