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Fantastic term for Musicians

4 February 2011

Congratulations to the 40 Senior and Junior School students who took their ABRSM exams in January and achieved a 100% pass rate with a high proportion of Merit and Distinction Grades awarded. Particular mentions go to Charlotte Grant who gained a Merit at Grade 8 for her singing and to Susannah Lloyd and Jennifer Wheeler who both attained Distinctions at Grade 8 on the flute.


Lower Fifths Emma Smith and Elizabeth Brightwell-Gibbons have both been awarded places in the Kent County Youth Orchestra and Lower Fourth Verity Lloyd has recently got a place in the main National Childrens' Youth Orchestra.


Last Friday, Lower Fifth Matilda Lloyd had the incredible opportunity of playing alongside members of the London Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, she describes her experience below.


"On Friday the 28th of January, I had the brilliant opportunity of playing with members of the London Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic under the baton of the venezuelen Gustavo Dudamel. We were playing the very challenging last movement of Beethoven's 7th Symphony, but when we brought the whole orchestra together it sounded fantastic! We were coached by members of the LSO in sectional rehearsals on a separate day and had a quick rehearsal on Friday morning. Then at 11.30 on Friday, the whole orchestra stood up in silence; all tense and excited to meet this world famous conductor. Finally, Dudamel burst through the door and took his place at the front of the orchestra. Suddenly he cried "Let's play" and we all grabbed our instruments and hurriedly followed his lead. Dudamel was so energetic and passionate about music that he was an inspiring conductor and we all learn a lot from his enthusiasm. He made an hour of hard work fly past and it was a lot of fun. He would not let us get away with mistakes and he clearly told us if we were not doing what he wanted and this was brilliant because he treated us just like a professional orchestra. It was a wonderful opportunity and I really hope I will be involved in more experiences like this in the future!"