Year 10 devised plays May 2017

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False Mirrors

12 May 2017

On Monday, Year 10 Drama students performed two deeply thought provoking plays which they had written and devised.

The stimulus for both ensemble pieces was Rene Magritte’s 1928 painting, Specchio Falso (False Mirror). The surrealist image of a giant eye framing a cloud filled sky has been the subject of much debate and the students used their plays to explore their interpretations of it.

In front of a capacity Ship theatre audience of teachers and fellow students the first play Never Alone, explored the relationship of a daughter with a mother suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. The students combined the simple staging of three wooden chests, dramatic lighting and a paper puppet, created on stage, to great effect in telling their story.

The second play, Diamonds in the Water, also employed powerful lighting combining it with a short film, shadow puppetry and ingenious choreography to give great impact to their disturbing piece about of a family in which the mother suffers from a breakdown.

The development process, performance and accompanying portfolio of these devised plays, will account for 40% of the students' final GCSE Drama grade.