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'Excellent' Inspection

17 January 2014

The Senior and Junior School have had a very happy start to the New Year, receiving an ‘excellent’ inspection report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), 'excellent' being the highest category awarded by the ISI.


A nine-strong team of ISI inspectors (the independent school equivalent of Ofsted) visited Walthamstow Hall from the 12th – 15th November last year. They attended lessons and extra-curricular activities, interviewed students, parents and staff and closely observed every aspect of daily life in the school. They published the report of their findings this month.


As well as pupils achieving “excellent standards in their work and activities” both Governance and leadership and management were also judged to be ‘excellent’.


Speaking after reading the report, Mrs Milner said;


“We are absolutely thrilled to receive such an excellent report. Of course we know that our pupils “enjoy learning and are ambitious to succeed” but it is very gratifying that ISI recognise this too. We have an exciting year ahead. At the Junior School, for example, we are looking forward to the completion of our new Dining Hall and Early Years facilities building project.”  


Highlights from the inspection include:


On students


“At all stages, the personal development of pupils is excellent. They are confident and articulate young people, with a well-developed sense of right and wrong and a high degree of emotional maturity.”


“In the junior and senior schools, pupils are eager and co-operative learners who are able to work independently and think critically, and whose creativity is very well developed. They listen carefully to teachers and to their peers and have very positive attitudes to their work and activities.”


 “The effectiveness of the school’s leadership and management is reflected in the high quality of the education, care and personal development of the pupils; they are happy and they achieve very well.”


On teaching and academic standards


“Pupils receive a high quality education from a very committed team of staff.”


“Teachers have excellent subject knowledge, are keen to share their enthusiasm and often make learning fun…”


“Pupils are eager and committed learners. Teachers know and understand them extremely well and so are able to support them with approaches that are well matched to the needs of individuals."


On extra-curricular achievements


At all stages, and for the range of abilities, the extra-curricular programme is extensive and varied, providing pupils with abundant opportunity to develop their interests and talents.”


On pastoral care


“Strong and effective pastoral systems in all parts of the school ensure that high quality support and guidance are provided to all pupils.”

The full report can be read by clicking on the link below


Walthamstow Hall ISI Report