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Environmental Day


Every girl in the Junior School took part in Environmental Day this week, learning about caring for the world around us and the damage plastics can do, in a fun day of mixed age group activities.

Assembly was led by Philip Hunton from Green Up Your Act, who showed them film of a diver on the seabed swimming through an upsetting amount of rubbish.  Mr Hunton told the School that plastic could now be found on every beach in the world and in the deepest parts of the ocean.

He explained why this was bad and suggested ways we we could use less plastic.

In mixed age groups, the girls then took part in different activities throughout the day, including building a bug hotel from scratch, creating art from natural materials and discarded drinks cartons and planting seeds in home made pots.

Year 4 teacher Mrs Potter (who is an assistant RSPB leader in her spare time) said girls loved making the bug hotel, piling carpet, logs, and fir cones onto the mound. "We tore bark off logs to find the woodlice, but by lunchtime we already had snails, worms and earwigs moving in."  She said it was a great resource for science lessons on minibeasts.

Girls also learnt about the British sculptor and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy to inspire them in making their own beautiful art from natural materials.

It was a thoroughly creative and fun day and the girls' enthusiasm was obvious - even in the pouring rain.