Earth, Wind and Fire

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Earth, Wind and Fire

20 May 2016

The Science labs are always a very popular part of the Wally Hall campus and no more so than in Science Week. This year the Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs have been overwhelmed by huge numbers of students taking part in experiments and demonstrations following the Science Week theme of 'Earth, Wind and Fire'.

Each day has explored a different part of the theme. On Monday, students in Biology played forensic investigator when they painstakingly dissected owl pellets to uncover evidence the predators' most recent meals, all under the cover of darkness and to the soundtrack of owl night calls.

On Tuesday, students practised fire writing and mineral extraction from rock sample but perhaps the most eagerly supported activity was setting teachers on fire! With the help of methane bubbles and a very long taper the Chemistry staff appeared to set fire to the hands of their staff room peers. Definitely not one to try at home!

The laboratories took a rest on Wednesday when 'Sir Issac Newton' took to  the stage of The Ship to give three talks on his three laws of motion to Years 7 and 8, Year 9 and also pupils from Walthamstow Hall Junior School and neighbouring St John's Primary School.

Yesterday Physics took centre stage examining wind power and fire with an exciting demonstration of particle movement within a flame and competitions to sail boats and generate the highest voltage from hand-made paper windmills.

The centrepiece of the week has been an incredible cave built by Dr Wilkinson on the Science Block ground floor, containing crystals, rock formations and even several fossils.

Science Week comes to an end today with a visit by pupils from St John's Primary who will get involved in lots of experiments assisted by Walthamstow Hall students and teachers.

Thank you to the Science Department, who have organised this inspiring week of activities enjoyed by so many.