House Music 2017

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Down reign Supreme at House Music

20 February 2017

House Music 2017

Mrs Milner makes no secret of House Music being her favourite House competition of the year and no effort was spared in making this, her final House Music as Headmistress, an extra special occasion.

Each House was allocated a pop group and a musical from which they chose their two songs to perform.

Sitting alongside Mrs Milner and Mr Castell on the judging panel was a former pupil of Mr Castell’s and now West End star, Chris Cowley. Chris graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2013 and has played roles including Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever and Fiyero in Wicked. After judging, Chris was headed straight back to the West End where he is currently playing Enjolras in Les Misérables.

The Houses pulled out all the stops to make the judging panel’s job as difficult as possible.

The importance of this House Music competition above all others was in no doubt when One Direction reformed especially for the occasion, taking to the stage with Penshurst for a lively start to the show followed by a moving ensemble piece from Rent.

Montreal gave an uplifting performance of Viva La Vida, by Coldplay, packed with precision-timed, quick-fire actions. A large ensemble then pulled on school uniform and jumped on desks to transform into ‘Revolting Children’ for their performance of When I grow up from Matilda.

The fantastic levels of energy generated by Montreal were maintained as Chartwell quickly stormed the stage from all directions, an army in camouflage gear and war paint who gave a thunderous , attitude-packed performance of Salute by Little Mix. In sharp contrast the army gear was quickly swapped for pink sparkles for the ensemble piece So Much Better from Legally Blond.

Down showed why they were reigning House Champions as they delivered ‘5 seconds of Jersey Boys’. Super slick in their ‘Rat Pack’ shirts and ties Down’s Jersey Boys medley was ingenious and brilliantly accomplished with stellar performances from every single House member. After this energetic performance Down’s ensemble performance of Amensia by 5 Seconds of Summer was full of beautiful, wistful harmonies.

Another change of pace saw the stage filled with nuns and gingham dresses as Knole took on The Sound of Music with a joyful and sparkling rendition of Do Re Mi, complete with back flipping dancers. Knole didn’t lose their shine as their ensemble group performed McFly’s Star Girl. The absolute highlight of which was the three dancing gold stars from Year 7, including Mattie on trumpet.

Following a dancing and trumpet playing gold star is no easy feat but Quebec were undaunted as they gave an energetic performance of Somebody to you by The Vamps. Quebec continued to work their magic with their ensemble piece, Popular from Wicked, featuring a brief special guest star appearance from House Music pro Mr Ledsham.

After an intermission for judging Mr Castell congratulated everyone on being ‘brilliant today’, adding that ‘the incredibly impressive’ performances meant ‘it has never been harder to choose the winners.’

Chris Cowley then presented the awards.

Best Presented House

In 2nd place and praised for the great contrast between their songs Chartwell, and in 1st place, with an acknowledgement to the dancing, trumpet playing stars, Knole.

Best House Song

In 2nd place, for the incredible levels of energy maintained throughout, Montreal, and in 1st place for their outstanding arrangement, Down.

Best Ensemble Song

In 2nd place, Down and in 1st place Montreal


3rd place Quebec

2nd place Montreal

1st place Down

Mrs Milner praised all of their students for an exceptionally entertaining afternoon, her best House Music, and thanked the ‘brilliant House Captains’ for their, ‘hard work, ingenuity and imagination’.

Before Mrs Milner could send everyone home the lights in the Hall were dimmed and Mr Howson introduced a special surprise. Led by the chamber choir and with phone torches held aloft the whole school serenaded Mrs Milner with a rousing rendition of one of her favourite pop songs, Eternal Flame, a unique, moving and very fitting end to Mrs Milner’s last House Music.