Peter Pan, November 2015

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Peter Pan Opening Night

16 November 2015

The curtain went up on the Senior School play last night, with a special preview performance.

After the menacing cruelty of last year's 'Coram Boy' this Autumn the Ship is the stage for something completely different, the fantastical swashbuckling adventure of 'Peter Pan'.

This production of ‘Peter Pan’ is reminiscent of 'Nicholas Nickleby', performed in the Ship in 2011. Both plays were adapted by Trevor Nunn and John Caird for the RSC and embody a style of storytelling that addresses the audience directly. The play spins on stories of glory and revenge and, perhaps surprisingly, exposes the strengths and weaknesses of both the hero and villain of the piece. To breathe some real life into the play’s iconic roles the actors have been directed to play their characters earnestly, as if they do actually exist, rather than resorting to cartoony cardboard cut-outs.

It is immediately evident that every actor on the stage has been encouraged to make the very most of their part, with every role, no matter how big or small, a believable person with individual mannerisms, walks and accents. The direction to be brave and experiment and expand each character is plain to see. The superb characterisation is refined still further by elaborate costumes and make-up finely tuned to every role. There are so many beards, wigs and blacked out teeth on stage it is impossible to recognise the students beneath. Combined with clever staging and an incredibly slick back stage operation Peter Pan is a dazzling spectacle.

The 5 performance run this week is nearly sold out but do contact the School Office in case of returned tickets becoming available.