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Curiosity Day


Girls threw themselves into a range of fun activities on Thursday, all aimed at improving their knowledge of the insect world, while working in creative, independent and collaborative ways.

Following on from the success of Environment Day last term, our second whole-school adventure, Curiosity Day, was all about bugs. 

Girls listened to presentations about creepy crawlies of all types, they did research into big and small questions, they counted and classified insects, created nutritious menus for them and read stories about sneaky, clever and cheeky bugs.

John from Curiosity Club gave several engaging talks through the day and ran a quiz, where girls amazed themselves and staff with their knowledge of the insect world.

He also left a Christopher Lloyd 'Big History Timeline' which will be mounted on a wall so girls can enjoy learning through the story it tells.

Girls and staff had a wonderful, challenging time. The girls' curiosity was indulged to the full and they learnt across all areas of the curriculum: academic, social and co-curricular.