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Crime & Punishment


 'Crime, Prison and Reoffending - the role the Arts can play', was the subject of the latest talk in the Sixth Form Lecture programme yesterday.

The thought provoking lecture was given by Angela Findlay, an artist who has worked with and within prisons and young offender institutions in Sydney, Germany and the UK for over 20 years.  Angela gave her Sixth Form audience an insight and understanding into offenders minds and lives, examined the reasons why the prison system fails so many and demonstrated how the arts can play a role in tackling reoffending.

Speaking after the lecture, Head of Sixth Form Ms Libby Ancrum said; "It was a superb talk, the girls were enthralled by Angela's account of working with offenders towards rehabilitation. It was funny, moving and inspiring; it also made the audience think hard about some of the assumptions we commonly make about offenders."


Walthamstow Hall's Sixth Form Lecture Programme is a core element of Sixth Form Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE). The programme exists to provide opportunities for students to broaden their general education, to challenge their thinking by exposing them to a wide range of different view points on important and interesting topics and to develop their critical thinking ability.


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