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22 March 2017

Year 11 Drama students ensured term ended on a light note with their performances of the film noir inspired 'The 39 Steps' and the Ayckbourn classic 'Role Play', in The Ship Theatre. Both plays gave the students the chance to take on larger-than-life characters and produce fantastic comedy from fast-paced, frenetic farce. 

Alan Ayckbourn's 'Role Play' takes the everyday situation of a 'meet the parents' dinner party in a London flat and quickly lets it unravel into domestic mayhem and disaster. The cast played their sharply drawn characters with great energy and skilfully delivered every gag whilst creating an escalating sense of dramatic tension and impending doom!

'Role Play' was originally part of a trilogy where all three plays were set in the same flat. 'The 39 Steps' covered a rather larger geographical area, cleverly transporting the audience from a London theatre up to the Scottish highlands through ingenious staging and fantastic performances which saw some actors seamlessly morphing between multiple characters.

'The 39 Steps' was a brilliantly realised tale of espionage and military secrets full of spies, mistaken identities and tongue-in-cheek references to murder mysteries and film noir detective movies.