Relatively Speaking March 2016

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Dramatic Contrasts

15 March 2016

Year 11 Drama students performed two very different plays in The Ship Theatre last night.

The evening started on a light note, with Alan Ayckborn's farce, 'Relatively Speaking'. The play made Ayckbourn's name when it became a west end hit in 1967, conjuring laughter out of middle-class marital misery with a dizzying series of misunderstandings between a young woman, her boyfriend, her older lover and his wife.

The twists and turns of the Ayckbourn comedy were followed by something completely different, the macabre, circular narrative of 'Breathing Corpses', by Laura Wade. This dark tale confronts death head on, linking a series of violent murders as each character who discovers a body unwittingly triggers their own untimely demise.

The casts of both plays are to be commended on their fanatsic performances, to be repeated this evening at 6.30pm in The Ship.