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Class of 1973



In June 2013 a few 1973 leavers met up at the WOGA reunion and decided that we would try to arrange a follow up in the academic year 2014-15, during which time most of us would unbelievably be 60 years old!

We managed to make contact with quite a few more from our year and eventually all met up at a pub in London in May last year. A few sadly couldn’t make it but, for those that could, it was great to catch up with old friends and to hear about each other’s lives and achievements over the years. Inevitably amongst all our talk about jobs, families (and retirement for some) there was also a lot of reminiscing about various aspects of our time at WH. Quite a high number of us were ex boarders with plenty of boarding memories. A few old photos added to the fun!

At the end of the day we decided that a repeat performance in 5 years (2020) would be good when we will all be hitting 65! Hopefully next time even more will be able to make it. We have now set up a closed Facebook page for WH 1973 leavers to keep in touch and share photos. Alison Hardyman (Tucker)


Back row: Trisha Dodd (Burge) Kim Biggs (Jones) Carolyn Stevenson (Holleyman); Sophie Somerville

Middle row: Sue Upton; Miriam Azzopardi (Testa); Rosemary Phillips (Cuthbertson); Jo Szuminska (Powell); Margaret Mudd (Storr); Sara MacLennan (Vass); Elizabeth Butcher (Moses); Jane Maurice (Caisley)

Front row (seated): Sue Taylor (Evans); Anna Couldridge; Sheila Campbell; Alison Hardyman (Tucker)


If, like the girls from 1973, you would like to attend the annual reunion at school, the next one will be held on be held on Saturday June 11th 2016. Please rsvp to Sally Pelling at marketing@walthamstowhall.kent.sch.uk if you woudl like to come.

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