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Class of 1897


An incredible coincidence linking two Walthamstow Hall friends from 1897 happened in school this week.

The story started this Monday when the school received an amazing gift to the archives from the family of Lillian and Winifred Huckett, students at the school in the 1890's and early 1900s. The parcel included photographs of Winifred throughout her life (she is second from the right in the first seated row in the photograph above), her final school report (written by Sophie Hare) and a very precious notebook, the equivalent of a 'yearbook' of today, full of poems and illustrations written by Lilian and Winifred's classmates from 1896 onwards.

Fast forward to Thursday when the relatives of three other sisters, Grace, Gertrude and Caroline Grenfell who were also at Walthamstow Hall around the turn of the twentieth century, paid a visit to Walthamstow Hall whilst travelling in the UK from New York. As the Grenfells were at school at the same time as the Huckett sisters we looked through Lilian and Winfred's 'year book' and turned the page to find prose written by Caroline Grenfell in 1897! It was a very magical moment and an amazing conicidence that the families of two friends from the 1890s should both be in touch with the school in the same week 117 years after their relations expressed their friendship by writing in the same notebook!

Our great thanks to the families of the Huckett and Grenfell sisters for providing us with such great insights into their families' Walthamstow Hall girls. Items like Winifred and Lilian's notebook and photographs have a priceless value to the school archives which are used to teach current students about what life was like for pupils who have gone before. Any families who have similar items which they no longer need are very welcome to donate them to the school archive where they will be treated with the utmost care and used to bring the school's history alive for the next generation.