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Christingle Service


There were magical moments at the Junior School this morning, when Early Years performed the Nativity in front of their proud parents and grandparents. 

Head girl Aurora and her two deputies Gabriella and Francesca were part of the cast of "I Spy Christmas", encouraging the little ones through the story.

The girls had already made Christingles - which are oranges decorated with red tape, sweets and a candle - and after the Nativity the lights were turned low so they could be lit to best effect. 

The girls explained that the orange represents the world God has given us, the candle is Jesus as the light of the world, the sweets are the four seasons, and the red ribbon is Christ's blood, shed for us. 

It's the 50th year of Christingle being celebrated in the UK, although the custom began in Germany in the 18th century.

Thank you to all the Early Years parents for helping your daughters learn the songs and words, and for your contributions to The Children's Society  in the retiring collection.