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Choices, choices


We welcomed Old Girl Olivia Reid back to Wally on Thursday, to talk to the Sixth Form about the pressures of making career choices, female opportunities in male-dominated industries, and working in aviation.

Since leaving school seven years ago, Olivia has worked in a number of industries (she didn't attend university) and now works for a company buying and marketing corporate jet aircraft. 

Through this work she has become a board member in the UK of Women in Aviation, who seek to inspire and encourage education and careers in aviation and aerospace for girls and women.  Her talk was well-timed, coinciding with the School's Science Week. 

Olivia was an enthusiastic and encouraging speaker. She pointed out that she started in the aviation industry with little knowledge, but has subsequently learnt vast amounts working with highly qualified people.

Seeing how few women work in corporate aviation - away from air hostessing - has driven her passion to highlight the vast number of roles available to women within the industry.  

She acknowledged that choosing a career path can feel overwhelming when you are still at school.  She said her own work history showed there were many routes to finding interesting and rewarding roles.