Global Experiment Hydrogels Nov 2015

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Chemists take on Global Experiment



Lower Sixth Chemists have been running the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Global Experiment during lunchtimes over the past two weeks.


Students and staff alike have joined in with experiments to explore hydrogels. These have included comparing the water absorbing capacity of hydrogels with other materials, determining the maximum amount of water a given mass of hydrogel can hold, and experimenting with different common chemicals to find out which is most effective at removing water from saturated hydrogels.

Interest in the experiments has been very high with the labs full to capacity with students and staff wanting to take part.


The Lower Sixth Chemist should be congratulated on organising and running such a stimulating and fun Global Experiment. Students who would like to get involved in the next stage of the experiments are invited along to the Chemistry labs at lunchtime today and tomorrow.