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Bolsheviks seize Walthamstow Hall!

2 February 2012

The offices of the Deputy Heads and classrooms in Erasmus rang out to cries of 'You've been seized' this morning as a 'mob' of Lower Fifth Historians took to the school corridors to 'seize power'. The friendly take-overs were all part of the students' history studies as Head of History, Ms Olivia Windle explains;

'We were analysing why the Bolsheviks decided to seize power in November 1917. 1917 is quite an eventful year in Russian history and students often forget key events and how they link up simply because there are so many of them. I was hoping to create a memorable experience for my students while challenging them to think how each stage helped or hindered the Bolsheviks.

For preparation, I asked students to read about the events that led to the November Revolution. Then I split them into groups. Each group had to roleplay one part of the story and analyse how it helped or hindered the Bolsheviks. We then conducted our Revolution by 'seizing' parts of the school, acting out the events of 1917 as we went along, considering at each stage what we needed next for our final seizure of power."