Lisa Kitsz collects Bill Bryson Prize Oct 2014

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Bill Bryson Prize



Lower Sixth Elisabeth Kitsz collected her Bill Bryson Prize from the man himself at a ceremony held at Speakers House in Westminster at the very end of October.


The annual Bill Bryson Prize is 'designed to recognise and encourage excellent science communication in schools and colleges by encouraging students to think creatively about science." The theme of the 2014 competition, open to students of all ages, was 'Science and Art'.


Elisabeth, who is studying both Chemistry and Art, submitted an entry which combined her artistic skills and chemistry knowledge, making her own paint pigments with which she then painted a beautiful piece entitled 'Test tubes of colour'. Her entry for the award detailed how she made the pigments. Lisa's entry was runner-up for the prize and exhibited as part of the Royal Society of Chemistry exhibition, 'Art in Chemistry in Art', at Burlington House, Piccadilly in July.


Elisabeth joined other prize-winners at Speakers House on 30th October to collect her prize from the award winning author whose works include the acclaimed history of science book, 'A Short History of Nearly Everything'.