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Another win in the pool



Walthamstow Hall v. Derwent Lodge


Swimming Match Report


Tuesday 26th November 2013


Our U8, U9, U10 and U11 swimmers competed against Derwent Lodge on Tuesday 26th November.  This was an inaugural gala for our Under 8 swimmers and they did themselves proud and gave a truly magnificent performance.    The overall result was:


WH                                                                                                   Derwent Lodge


169 points                                                                                      135 points


The individual age group results were as follows:


U8 Age-group:


WH            37 points                                                                      DL              42 points


U9 Age-group                                                                               U9 Age-group


WH            42 points                                                                      DL              36 points


U10 Age-group                                                                            U10 Age-group


WH            42 points                                                                      DL              38 points


U11 Age-group                                                                            U11 Age-group


WH            48 points                                                                      DL              19 points


There were first places in the U8 age-group from:


Sophia Appleford (Backstroke) and Anna Roche (Frontcrawl)


In the U9 age-group from:


Rachel Hall (Backstroke) and Elspeth Watson (Frontcrawl)


In the U10 age-group from:


Katie Vowell (Butterfly)


In the U11 age-group from:


Merys Daniels (Backstroke), Natasha Cooke (Breaststroke) and Grace Mitchell (Butterfly and Frontcrawl)


We also had first places in the U8, U9 and the U11 Medley relays, in the U10 and U11 Freestyle relays as well as the Squadron Relay.


Well done everyone on all of your fantastic performances today!


Martha Feeley, Walthamstow Hall Swimming Coach