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Anna volunteering in Mozambique


2013 leaver Anna Nohre spent three months of her gap year working and living at the orphanage in Mozambique which Walthamstow Hall has been raising funds for this year. Anna spent her mornings working in the newly started nursery school with the youngest children and the afternoons supporting older children with maths and advanced English.

The orphanage is part of a wider mission in which Walthamstow Hall parent Mrs Phythian is very involved and also includes a successful farming programme. The funds donated by Walthamstow Hall in the past year have made a real difference, contributing towards the salaries and training of four members of staff, buying seeds and equipment and building a well. The scheme is now able to deliver freshly harvested fruit and vegetables to the orphanage and local families every day. Such is the success of the programme that training in producing higher yields is now being extended to other communities nearby.


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