Hastings 2016

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1066 and all that

5 October 2016

Year 7’s History lessons literally took them into battle yesterday as they visited Battle Abbey and Pevensey Castle to discover more about the Battle of Hastings and its legacy.

Starting at Battle Abbey, Year 7 enjoyed a guided tour of the battleground and learnt about the background to the battle including the dynastic struggle for the crown and who really had the most convincing claim to the throne in 1066. Pupils then listened to the story of the battle, as it unfolded, on the very ground where it took place, learning the reasons why the Normans were triumphant, the truth about King Harold’s death and the legacy of the Norman Conquest.

From the battlefield the girls visited Pevensey Castle where they learnt more about the purpose and designs of castles and the methods used to defend and attack them.