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Friends and Parents Association


The aim of the Friends and Parents of Walthamstow Hall (FPWH) is to organise social events for parents to enjoy and at the same time raise funds for the 'icing on the cake' items for both the Senior and Junior Schools.


The FPWH Committee meets twice a term to discuss events and the allocation of funds. The next day the Form Social Coordinator's meeting takes place and the information is passed on from the Committee meeting.


The Committee is made up of the Headmistress, the Head of the Junior School, a member of staff, 6 Senior and 6 Junior School parents. Each form in both schools is represented by a Form Social Coordinator.


Committee Members


Mrs J Milner


Mrs D Wood


Member of Staff: position vacant


Susanna Cullum - Chair


Michael Dreksler - Treasurer


Pauline West - Secretary


Kim Beckingham


Josette Coulson


Rachel Day


Sabine Koster


Jane Mitchell


Iain Doran


Angie de Kock


Katy Lewis


Denise Wallace



Allocation of Funds

FPWH have recently purchased a new mini-bus for the school as well as; a grand piano, new stage curtains, outdoor willow tents and playground equipment for the Junior School and a grand piano, stage blocks, swimming pool timing system and library gates for the Senior School


Second Hand Uniform Shop Opening Times


Senior School: Every Tuesday during term 8.15- 9.15pm


Junior School: Monday and Thursday 8.20 - 9.00am





Please contact the Senior School Office on 01732 451334 or with any enquiries for the Friends and Parents Association.