Sixth Form Dress Code

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Dress Code

Sixth Formers are allowed to wear their own style of clothing with certain limitations.

We expect them to be smartly dressed at all times and to this end we advise the following:

  • a dark suit (navy, grey or black) with trousers or a knee length skirt or dress.
  • a shirt of top of their choosing, but a low neck line or narrow starpas are not acceptable.
  • shoes should be business style and should have small or medium heels. For safety reasons very high heels are not recommended.
  • jewellery and make-up should be worn discreetly.

From September 2018 it is strongly recommended that dresses and skirts are purchased to conform to the School dress code, which is knee length.

Unless participating in sport, sports clothing should not be worn around the school. It should be remembered that younger girls are looking to Sixth Formers as role models and therefore their dress and behaviour in school is important. Sixth Formers may be asked to show prospective parents around the school at short notice, so it is important that they look their best at all times.

No denim, trainers, track suits or casual wear may be worn.

On formal occasions such as Open Mornings, Prize Giving etc Sixth Formers are expected to wear a smart suit and shirt with low heeled shoes.