JS Clubs


Spring 2016 Clubs Draft Timetable

Summary of Extra Curricular Activities


Netball Clubs continue to be offered for each year group in Y3-Y6.The clubs take place on the Tennis Courts and are led by Mrs Cameron and Miss Mogan. Netball squads will also take place for girls in Y4-Y6. Participation in Squad Netball is by invitation.

Taekwon-DThis club is run by Oaks Martial Arts and was first introduced in 2013Action Acorns, for girls in Nursery and Reception, will continue to run in the Dining Hall after school on Tuesdays. Girls should be collected from there at the end of the session.  The club is a chargeable activity and all administration is handled by Mrs Rachel Boughton in the Senior School Office. A full term’s notice is required to withdraw from the club.

Table Tennis Mrs Armitage will lead this club before school on Tuesday mornings. It is always popular so attendance may be rotated. Mrs Armitage will contact girls separately if this is the case.

Football Club Introduced in Spring Term 2013, this club has proved very popular. Girls will need shin pads to participate. Y3-Y4 will be held on Friday after school and Y5-Y6 on Wednesday lunchtime and will be led by Mrs Craig.

Riverbank  This is our fun Swimming Club where the girls enjoy the Senior School pool and play equipment.  It is a good opportunity to boost water skills and confidence, and is led by Mrs Howlett. Girls are transported by school minibus to the Senior School pool, from where they should be collected. Priority will be given to non-squad swimmers if numbers are high.

Running and Fitness Club  Games and activities will focus on building speed, strength and stamina.  Girls will be able to monitor their own progress and set their own running goals. This club is led by Mrs Fassnidge.

Tennis Coaching Training girls in all aspects of tennis play.

Athletics and Cross Country Club Led by Miss Mogan, this club offers the opportunity to practise for forthcoming cross country events.


Cantores is a choir of up to about 40 singers from Y3-Y6 that sings a more advanced repertoire, often in several parts. Cantores continues during Thursday lunch time.  It is an invitation-only choir and Miss Millington will contact girls directly to invite them to participate.

Minims Choir continues during Tuesday lunchtime, offering girls in Y1-Y2 the opportunity to enjoy choral singing.  This is led by Miss Millington and Mrs Townsend.

Quavers Choir continues during Tuesday lunch time for girls in Y3-Y6.  This is a great introduction to girls for singing as part of a choir.  This is led by Miss Millington and Mrs Townsend.

Flute Choir  Girls from Y3-Y6 learning the flute are welcome to join. This is led by Miss Millington

String Group will be led by Miss Tunnah for girls in Y3-Y6.  She will contact girls directly to invite them to participate.

String Quartet will be led by Miss Tunnah for girls in Y3-Y6. She will contact girls directly to invite them to participate.

General Interest

Modern Dance continues to be offered by Mrs Hamlet, our Ballet teacher.  This is a private group lesson for which there is a charge.  Please contact the School Office for more details. As with Taekwon-Do and Gymnastics, there is a formal notice period for withdrawal for Modern Dance.

Chess Club  After a very successful year last year Mr Snape, our chess coach, is looking forward to teaching the skills of the game and  encouraging match play for previous and new members. 

Theatre Arts Club  This club will be run by Miss Philip and will start after half term. We would like all girls in Y3 and Y4 to attend as it provides valuable practice time for the play in the Easter term. Miss Philip will contact the girls individually to confirm the dates on which they will need to attend.

Science Club is offered by Mrs Fewster to girls in Y5 and Y6 in the first half of the term and for Y3 and Y4 in the second half of term.

Art and Craft Club  Mrs Everitt will continue to run the Art and Crafts Club for Y3-Y6 girls. This is usually a very popular club and it is likely that attendance will be rotated.

Sewing Clubs.  Y 2- Mrs Watts will be introducing the girls to sewing this term.  The girls will learn basic stitches, initially using a kit and binca fabric to sew Christmas items. The club will be held in the Nursery.  Y5-Y6 -Mrs Rotchell will be running a Sewing Club for girls in Y5-Y6. The girls will progress from basic to more complex stitching as their skills develop.

ICT Clubs.  Y2-Mrs Malcolm will lead this Club and the girls will be using laptops to develop their IT skills.  Y5 Code Club will be led by Mr Dreksler and Mrs Carter.

Language Clubs.  Conversational French  This club will be run by the Senior School’s new French AssistanteSpanish Club  Our Senior School Spanish Asistente will be leading this language club for Y3 to Y6.  Girls with some knowledge of either language are encouraged to join.

In the News  This is an opportunity for girls to discuss current affairs with Mrs Wood.

Cookery   Mrs Everitt is offering Cookery to Y5 -Y6 girls.  Numbers will be limited for this club (to keep the kitchen safe) and girls may not be able to cook every week.   

Eco Club  Open to girls in Y4-Y6 and led by Mrs Watts. We will be finding out more about our environment and what we can do to protect it. There will be lots of practical eco activities!

Board Games Club is an opportunity for girls to play new and old favourite board games with friends.  Miss Dargie will run this club for girls in Y1 and Y2.

Minimus Latin returns for this year and will be led by our keen and able Y13 students from the Senior School.  We offer it to Y5 girls and only those signing up this term will be able to continue the club in the following terms as it is an ongoing course for the year.

Charities Club For Y5 girls and led by Mrs Conway. Girls will research, debate, create, drive new charitable ideas, role play, create displays and raise charitable awareness throughout the school.