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Community Service and Charities

Awareness of the wider world and community is fostered from Year 7, with girls taking initiatives to raise money for charities in the UK and internationally. Forms and Houses identify good causes to support each year and as a whole school we value our long-standing links with charities. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme remains popular from Year 9 and over 95% of Sixth Form girls participate in Voluntary Service. The school has a strong tradition of service and concern for the environment and girls learn that they can make a difference.

Walthamstow Hall has developed a strong working link with its nearest school neighbour, St John’s Primary, in nearby Bayham Road. St John’s pupils are regular guests at Walthamstow Hall events, for example at Science Week and a recent Classics lecture. They also make regular use of our facilities, using the swimming pool, a Science lab for weekly Science lessons and The Ship Theatre for their school play and rehearsals. Eight Walthamstow Hall students also visit St John’s each week to assist with lessons.

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