GMR June 2018 news thumb

Great Maths Race


The Senior School hosted 14 primary school teams for a test of sums and sprinting on Wednesday. St John's Primary and The Schools at Somerhill came in the top two spots in both age groups.

SciMuseum 15.5.18 news thumb

Science Week: strange materials


Exploding a paint tin filled with icing sugar, stretching corn flour slime and making a jelly baby scream all happened in The Ship on Tuesday, in a show from The Science Museum.

Sci week 14.5.2018 news thumb 2

Science Week


Awe and wonder take centre stage as we plunge into the packed programme dreamt up by the Science Department this week. This year's theme is Engineering: Bridges, Bones and Bubbles.

UN work exp Feb 2018 news thumb

Aiming high


Congratulations to Francesca in Year 12 who has won a coveted work experience slot at the United Nations in Geneva.

Wheeler graduation Nov 17 news thumb

First Class Old Girl


Inspiring news from Old Girl, Jenny Wheeler, who has not only graduated with First Class Honours from Warwick University but also received an Outstanding Student Contribution Award.

Y7 Archive 25.9. news thumb

Rich History


The archives have been opened for Year 7 to learn about the School and to find out what life was like as a Wally girl in times past.

Lunar samples May 2017

Moon Landings


The Science department went above and beyond last week, literally giving students the moon. To launch the space themed Science Week rare lunar rock samples landed at school for all to see.

History Year 8 debate

Whigs vs Revisionists


Year 8 Historians divided into Whig and Revisionist historians today to debate the question 'Did life get better between 1509 to 1745?'

BBC Radio 2 500 words

500 words


Congratulations to Emma, Isabella and Mathilda whose entries to the Radio 2 500 Words Competition are 2 of the 5,000 to have been selected from 131,798 entries to go into the second round.

Robin Stevens March 2017

Getting Away with Murder


Year 7 had a thrilling afternoon meeting Robin Stevens, author of 'Murder Most Unladylike' and 'First Class Murder', as part of World Book Day yesterday.